Piece of Queque is a Spanish Podcast creating a window to stories and culture in Latin American countries. Celebrating Latin America!

What does Piece of Queque means?

Piece of Queque is a phrase in Spanglish (a mix between English and Spanish) that could be translated as: “piece of cake”.

What does queque mean?

Queque is the word used in Costa Rica and Central America for cake. 🍰

We chose this word because each Latin American country has a different way of calling it. We use cake to share and celebrate throughout Latin America; that is what we are looking for in Piece of Queque, to share a piece of Latin America with the whole world.

Who are we?

Piece of Queque is a project made by Latin American people

@ gatigrilla
Costa Rica 🇨🇷

She is in charge of giving orders all day, nobody dares to contradict her. Does that make her the boss? Of course!

The one from El Guacal de la Tigrilla

@ davidrodcam
Costa Rica 🇨🇷

He is the voice behind Piece of Queque; he is in charge from the interviews to the design, always with a social and human approach.

He is currently traveling around Latin America in search of more stories.

@ aleregidor
Costa Rica 🇨🇷

Ale is part of the production team of Piece of Queque; research, writing, and organization are his thing. He is now traveling through Latin America, discovering and learning about culture and gastronomy. He has a gastronomic project called Caña Dulce

@ nelaruizcomposer
Venezuela 🇻🇪

Nela is a musical composer and made the jingle for the podcast.
She has lived in Argentina for a few years.

Contact Nela

@ andretorrentes
Costa Rica 🇨🇷

André is fundamental support in all the processes of Piece of Queque.

He is one of the people who collaborate on our biweekly newsletter.

He has a YouTube channel.


Bocaditos is a production of Piece of Queque related to learning the Spanish language. Born with the idea of teaching people things they don’t feel comfortable asking their tutors or teachers. 

Bocaditos is where we teach you how to swear, words with double meaning, grammar, and much more.

Go to Bocaditos >

How to support the project?

-The easiest way to support the project is to listen to and share the episodes, subscribe, and leave a good rating or comment on the podcast platforms.

However, there are other ways to support us:

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If you want to advertise on any Piece of Queque platforms, you can write to us at hola@pieceofqueque.com for more information.

Other projects of Piece of Queque?

Piece of Queque Podcast: Our main podcast where we tell stories from Latin America.

Bocaditos: Intermediate Spanish Learning Podcast. Available on all major podcast platforms.

Ñapas – Piece of Queque’s biweekly newsletter: Subscribe to receive an email every two weeks, a small magazine with recommendations, updates, stories from our trip through Latin America, and exclusive content we make from Piece of Queque with love.

El Guacal de la Tigrilla: We are currently traveling through Latin America in search of stories, and we took our cat Phoebe with us; You can follow this blog where we talk about traveling with her.

Caña Dulce: It is a gastronomic project by Ale Regidor, one of our members, who is a Costa Rican chef.


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