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Piece of Queque is a Spanish Podcast creating a window to stories and culture in Latin American countries.


– I decide (Yo decido)

Piece of Queque
June 29, 2022
Colombia is a country with conservative traditions that still faces very established roles when people decide whether to have or not have children. In this episode, we follow two voices from different parts of the country, the decisions that have marked their lives, and how the Colombian landscape is changing

– Anecdotes from a small village (Anécdotas de un pueblo)

Piece of Queque
March 13, 2022
Some places have something special, they can treasure very beautiful memories and stories.

– From Venezuela to Argentina (De Venezuela a Argentina)

Piece of Queque
November 08, 2021
There are situations and decisions that take us to other places. Nela tells us about her process of going from Venezuela to Argentina.

– On your marks, set, improvise! (En sus marcas, listos, ¡improvisen!)

Piece of Queque
September 27, 2021
In this episode we take you to a moment of improvisation between two friends, native speakers of Spanish.

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