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Piece of Queque is a Spanish Podcast creating a window to stories and culture in Spanish-speaking countries.


– Anecdotes from a small village (Anécdotas de un pueblo)

David Rodcam
March 13, 2022
Some places have something special, they can treasure very beautiful memories and stories.

– From Venezuela to Argentina (De Venezuela a Argentina)

David Rodcam
November 08, 2021
There are situations and decisions that take us to other places. Nela tells us about her process of going from Venezuela to Argentina.

– On your marks, set, improvise! (En sus marcas, listos, ¡improvisen!)

David Rodcam
September 27, 2021
In this episode we take you to a moment of improvisation between two friends, native speakers of Spanish.

– Folk legends of Costa Rica (Leyendas folclóricas de Costa Rica)

Piece of Queque
August 20, 2021

The stories, tales, and legends of the folklore of the countries are like a window to culture. Join me in this episode where I tell you some legends of Costa Rican folklore.

– Religions in Latin America (Religiones en Latinoamérica)

Piece of Queque
0July 08, 2021
Religion is part of the culture and identity of most Latin American nationalities. Join us in this episode to learn more. 

– Trip through Central America (Viaje por Centroamérica)

Piece of Queque
June 29, 2021
In this episode we go on a tour through Central America, we are going to talk about the countries to learn a little more about their culture, places to visit and some curious facts

– Fake news in Latin America (Fake news en Latinoamérica)

Piece of Queque
June 22, 2021
Is Latin America one of the paradises for fake news? In this episode we talk about some events in Latin America and some of the “news” that seek to misinform the population.

– Adopting a kitten in Costa Rica (Adoptando una gatita en Costa Rica)

Piece of Queque
June 13, 2021
In this episode I tell my story adopting my kitten Phoebe.

– Spanglish (Spanglish)

Piece of Queque
March 25, 2021

Do you speak Spanglish? Come with me and let’s travel to the Spanglish world.

– Inclusive language (Lenguaje Inclusivo)

Piece of Queque
January 21, 2021

In this episode, we talk about inclusive language in Spanish and the use of “elle” (the equivalent of they/them in Spanish). Are you ready?

– Education (school stories) [Educación (historias de la escuela)]

Piece of Queque
December 13, 2020

In this episode I tell you a little about my experience in the educational system of Costa Rica.

– Environment and Ecology (Ambiente y Ecología)

Piece of Queque
November 03, 2020
What is happening in Costa Rica in terms of environment and ecology? We talk about that a bit in this episode.

– Halloween & Day of the Dead (Halloween y Día de los Muertos)

Piece of Queque
October 25, 2020
Do you know how Halloween and Day of the Dead are celebrated in Latin America? Let’s find out.

– Memes (Memes)

Piece of Queque
October 21, 2020

In this episode we talk about memes. Do you like memes in Spanish? Piece of Queue Podcast in Spanish. Cake


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